[ZJ] Marker Reload Build 085 Demo By ZorroJan * [ZJ] Marker Reload Build 085 Demo By ZorroJan

Active until: 21.09.22.

Alternative link:

47 thoughts on “ [ZJ] Marker Reload Build 085 Demo By ZorroJan *

  1. On another site they claim that windows 1o users need to d-load a font and of course the link for the font was dead.
    with that said do window 10 users need a font and if so what is the font?

  2. ma verujem ja tebi brt ali meni danas nece
    sve ok dok ne kliknem skacat
    kako kliknem tako se desi nista
    ko da mi nesto blokira site a sve sam pogasio
    i kis i mlvrbytes i adblock
    ne kontam uopste
    jedino ako provider nesto ne drka

  3. Da li ovi mods od PK mods nisu detectable of war gaminga da mogu da te ban , to mi je jedino bitno ? posto su me uhvatili vec jednom sa obicnim modovima za reload i contour look mod od zorro

    1. You don’t say ?
      That’s probably because you look at the folder date.
      Anyway, download links are now updated by ZJ.

  4. I’ll never use a ZJ mod again. I tried this reloader script and unreported, it installed something on my PC because I found it listed in my Programs after I got banned by WG for an illegal mod. And to boot it was a trial version and the damn thing had long expired and wasn’t even working. The email from WG said to check my programs and I couldn’t believe it. The damn python script(s) had actually installed something. That is bs.

    1. I don’t know from where to start with things wrong with your statement.

      1. A script cannot install ANYTHING on your PC. Even the useless Win Defender would stop that. Not mentioning the worst free antivirus would react to that. So, what ever new “software” you got on your PC, you PERSONALLY had to click to approve it’s install (probably came with something and you automatically clicked next, next, next)
      2. WG cannot check your python and they don’t. Proven 1000 times so far. The only way they can is if you send it to them yourself. PERIOD.
      3. WG will send these emails to anyone, they are automated and have zero real life meaning.
      4. Since ZJ mods are most used free mods on RU, NA and EU. Imagine the shit storm if this all was true ? Seems a bit odd that no one else is having this issues ?

  5. Hello I wanted to know if I can install that mod without being blocked by the wot account. Is there no way for wargaming to realize that I have it installed?

  6. Hello! It (and the other ZJ mods) doesn’t work for me in the patch…am I doing something wrong or just have to wait for the right version of the mod? Thanks!

  7. i was banned from the game for illegal mods use..
    on eu server..
    only use 2 mods..
    contour and reload

  8. Cannot download because is a trojan inside when try to download from Download Link ! Can you fix it? Few times ago was working fine …

    1. Download link is the same as it was for the past 5+ years. The problem is some browser addon you have which is seeing the biggest RU region cloud service provider as a trojan.

    1. The file is not yet updated by ZJ. He is busy updating his pay-to-use mod pack, when he has the time, this free mod will be updated also…

        1. Mate, this mod has NOT been updated for the past 4+ months.
          Look at the patch number in the post name,, this is for that patch. And we all now run WoT under patch So, no wonder it is crashing the game…
          Check the site, we got other reload mods, which are updated and working…

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