Unique 3D Style’s For Free By Yusha Unique 3D Style’s For Free By Yush

– ability to add ANY of the payed 3D styles

– you must actually own that tank

– easy to use interface

11 thoughts on “ Unique 3D Style’s For Free By Yusha

    1. Yes, absolutely.
      You just get skins, it’s not like you are breaking any game mechanics. Tanks just look better 🙂
      Plus you stop worrying about skins as a prize for any marathons or Battle Pass missions.

      1. But for example is this traceble,like can WG see that I am using this mod, I am asking because normally 3d skins as you know cost money,

        1. Either way, even if they can, you did not steal anything, this is visible only by you. So you did not steal anything, it’s NOT unlocking any skins which you have to pay, because this only allows YOU to see them, not other players…

        2. Or,
          this mod is made by Yusha, one the biggest RU region streamers. He is also sponsored by WG, why would he do anything against WG, break any rules ?

          1. yes,i understand,WOT for me is really important you know,and my account means a lot to me as well thats why i am being so caucious:))and thats why i am asking

  1. Hey,
    I copied the mods folder to the wot folder and the 3d skin list appears correctly but once I click on the style and close the list, nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the mod, reconnecting to the server or looking for it in the exterior section but i cant seem to find it. Can someone please help?

    WoT Client: v1.21.1.1

    1. Ummm, is the “show in hangar” option checked ?

      Also, check maybe you got the sound bug:

      Turn the game OFF, turn WG Game Center OFF:

      1. Delete folder WOT/profile/rfs_cache
      2. Delete file WOT/res/audioww/epic_voiceover.bnk (or epic_voiceover.bnk.part if it exists)
      3. Delete file WOT/wgc_api.dat

      Start WoT normally, check if the mod now works..

  2. Yeah uhm, dumb me… I didn’t see the hangar option and thought that it’s just not working. I checked it and everything is good and working.
    Thank you for the help!

    Have a great day!

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