OTM Markers With Tank Soul’s By PolarFox* OTM Markers With Tank Soul’s By PolarFox

[Advanced Vehicle Markers] v. 0.7.0 (08/20/2021):
– Fixed bugs with applying some settings in rewrite sections
– Fixed bugs with a possible reset of the appearance to the default state
– Fixed a bug with a possible memory leak during a long game session
– Fixed bug with possible zoom issues when playing in 4k
– Completely changed the configuration format, added many settings
– Added the ability to fine-tune the appearance of flying damage
– Added the ability to display the “soul” after the destruction of equipment with detailed customization of the appearance
– Added the ability to customize the parameters of the animation of flying damage and “souls”
– Added the ability to change more standard elements (nested elements are not supported yet)
– Completely rewritten internal logic of work

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