Night Warfare By Polyacov_Yury Night Warfare By Polyacov_Yury

– additional configs added (look at screenshots inside)

All settings are in:
Mod on/off – F11 / F12

8 thoughts on “ Night Warfare By Polyacov_Yury

      1. The install location is here (Replace the x’s as I am unsure if this site supports links in comments)

        This is my garage screen (Replace the x’s)

      2. sorry for the lots of messages, couldn’t see anything go through for half an hour so tried different formats in case I was triggering the spam filter in some way.

  1. Can’t seem to send links
    I don’t see anything on the bottom right corner of the garage
    Installed to the mods folder and the correct version folder.
    F Keys don’t do anything.
    Holding control while using it doesn’t do anything
    And three of my friends couldn’t get this to work ether.
    Tried removing all other mods too.

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