1.0 [ZJ] FULL 3 DAY PACK TRIAL #90_1

1.0 [ZJ] FULL 3 DAY PACK TRIAL #90_1

Whats inside:

Marker Re-the Load

How to install:

1. Download pack file from the link below.
2. Install the archive to the folder with the name of the current patch with the replacement of files.
3. Start the game client. In the hangar, you will see a message that the pack requires activation on the site.
4. Click the link in the hangar. You will see a message box with the description on how to prolong the pack.
5. Click OK. A page with activation-extension of the pack will open.
6. Press “extend” in the browser window, you will get a free day of full ZJ pack.
7. Return to the client, restart it.
8. After starting in the hangar, you will see the remainder that the pack is active.
9. Rules of extension can vary, so we recommend that you carefully read the information message window.
10. “Renew” button for the pack site will be active if:
– you have entered a page out of the hangar in the game
– you have disabled zjzero.ru ad-blocking software (adBloker type or Adguard)
– you have fulfilled the conditions of extension
11. In the message center hangar of the game you will be able to see:
– the status of the pack activation and activity
– loaded mods
– boot configuration status mods
– warning for an update


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  1. Anonymous

    March 23, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    I don´t want a full pack!
    i´m using Shaytan only.
    please make in single, like before

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