Wot Ping Checker for ALL Clusters By Elemus Wot Ping Checker for ALL Clusters By Elemus


You WILL need Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to run this.

How to use it:

1. Download WoT Ping Checker. Take into account which server cluster you use (EU, NA, SEA)
2. Unpack both files from the archive to same location (any location, desktop if you like it): https://prnt.sc/qwq4iw
3. Start Wot.Ping.Clusters.v1.4.2.exe and hit the ping button: https://prnt.sc/qwq56k
4. The tool will constantly ping 4 different servers (EU1, EU2, worldoftanks.eu, google.com). Google.com is going to be our best scenario. This will take 10min. Let the test finish.

Version For EU Server:

Version For NA Server:

Version For SEA Server:

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