VANGA AimBOT By Stealthz & Lportii * VANGA AimBOT By Stealthz & Lportii

Active until: 01.02.21.

– two versions inside

– minor tweaks

–  old script and new fully redone

All settings:

Lportii Version: WOT\res_mods\1.x.x.x\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_aim_lportii.xml



25 thoughts on “ VANGA AimBOT By Stealthz & Lportii *

    1. New mods are used by the game from MODS folder.
      Old from res_mods.

      So the only difference is install location. Usability is the same.

  1. Guys, i couldn’t make this “mod” working. I tried installing of every possibility.

    Mods folder / failed

    res_mods folder / failed

    I am copying all “scripts/client/gui/mods” to res_mods/
    every time and to mods / folder ,but it doesn’t work.


    Ребята, я не мог заставить этот «мод» работать. Я попытался установить каждую возможность.

    Папка мод / не выполнена

    папка res_mods / не удалось

    Я копирую все «scripts / client / gui / mods» в res_mods /
    каждый раз и в папку mods /, но это не работает.

    1. Seriously people, what kind of shit anti virus do you use when you got issues like this with Wot mods ?!?

  2. can Stealthz & Lportii (what ever) add this mod in there aimbot like if i want to aim the track or the softer upper part of the turret or hull…

    thanks…Plazma (PKmods)

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