Stealthz Tundra* Stealthz Tundra

– hangar setting

– with hotkeys

– BlackSky option

6 thoughts on “ Stealthz Tundra*

      1. Iam sorry, not a native english speaker here.

        What I meant was: I downloaded the files and placed them in the correct folders inside the WoT client.
        The files inside the download seems to be in the correct order.
        Iam using this mod now for a few months, worked perfectly fine so far.
        Today got the updated version for 1.14.03 and couldnt get it to work.
        I got the ingame menue, thats all. Ingame there’s no effect for me. Tried the mod “standalone” (without any other mods installed) and even reinstalled the game.
        Maybe there’s something wrong with the mod, thats all i wanted to adress.

          1. Ok thanks, i got it now.
            I dont know what it was, cleaned everything with the WMCleaner (followed all steps) installed the mod afterwards, nothing.
            Then i deleted everything exept the settings file and installed again.
            That worked, i dont know why but it worked.
            Thank you for helping, very kind move!

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