ProAim AimBOT By Makct* ProAim AimBOT By Makct

All settings are in: res_mods\1.x.x\scripts\client\mods\pro_aim.xml

29 thoughts on “ ProAim AimBOT By Makct*

  1. Worst Programmed aimbot I have ever tested. Even the WG standard autoaim is more usefull than this shit. Also tested aimbot by sae and it was worlds better ….

    Result is a deinstall of this shit …

    1. The issue is connected with WG adding a 64bit game engine.
      The launcher will now start a 64bit (new) version of the engine if it decides it is needed. But, tundra (and a bunch of other) was created for the 32bit.
      To resolve the issue, you will have to start the game via 32bit WorldOfTanks.exe located here: https://prnt.sc/ph1umn
      So, that is main game folder, WIN32 and just right click on the WorldOfTanks.exe, send to desktop: https://prnt.sc/ph1va4
      Using that icon start the game – all should be working…

      1. Other mods also has problems, better to start the 32bit version till mod makers working on changes.

        But, this one is not working on 32bit either.

        Plazma, I know you use an automated version-change on mods, what is a useful practice in most of the upgrades, but sometimes it misdirects your users.

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