Alternative Xvm + GunSights 7.6.7 Alternative Xvm + GunSights 7.6.7


ChangeLog: Update 

XVM 7.6.7

– Added Xvm I’m Spotted
– Added Xvm Messages Hit By Arty
– Added Xvm Messages Team Damage
– Added Xvm Wn8 Win Chance

– Default is turn off

– Added 144 new Xvm function to HawgPen Total 216

Now you can turn off every function of XVM in the HawgPen Folder …

You Have 216 Different Function to adjust in the Hawgpen.



For older and slower Pc Add this file,  Microsoft-Universal-CRT-Microsoft-Visual-C-Redistributable

Unzipe folder copy all files paste into to WOT folder.

This may prevent crashing or freezing due to Any Mods


Added new Alt Damage & Stun Efficiency

Now all 4 Efficiency will be default , Alt is just 2 Efficiency Damage & Stun

HOW TO EDIT MAINFRAME  link >>     https://blackwot.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=1374&page=5&tab=comments#comment-16118


Now you can turn Off all Xvm function Completely , If you just want one  part of Xvm but nothing else Now you can Have that. I made it super easy to do so. QQriq gave  me the ideal, I made a folder in my Xvm called MainFrame, Located in > res_mods > configs> xvm > HAWGS  > HawgPen > MainFrame , Inside of it is 10 different folders > To all the skeptics that is scared to use Xvm ,this will not cause lag like you think . No stats will show in battle unless you go to  https://modxvm.com/ and activate . So now if you just want to use my GunSights with no xvm , Now you can ! . MainFrame Folders are  >

 –  Camera

   –  CaptureBar

   –  Carousel

   –  Clocks

   –  DamageLog

   –  Hitlog

   –  MiniMap

   –  Over_Tank_Markers

   –  PlayersPanel

   –  Sounds

Hawgpen Folder


                     MainFrame Folder




All you have to do is open the Mainframe folder than open what function to turn Off than right click the OnOff.xc than click edit

Change true to false ,than save. That’s all you have to do

Example below

//  This turns on/off Xvm DamageLog
//  ( true ) Turns On Xvm DamageLog,
//  ( false ) Turns Off  Xvm DamageLog , Stock DamageLog will show
“enabled”: true


To turn Off , Average Damage , Efficiency , HighCaliber ,You do that in main HawgPen Folder

If you don’t want any of my .wotmod files just Delete them


This will be a normal function in my Xvm for now on’

This will be added to my HawgPack Also next time I update it.

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