GeeMod 2 Legal Pack GeeMod 2


This is the OFFICIAL GeeMod 2 Topic and doesnt include ILLEGAL MODS.

– Easy categories, image/video preview

– Only 5mb Client Filesize

– No Installation required (start .exe directly)

– Without Registration, Without Login, Without eMail = 100% Free

– FULL Automatic Updater for GeeMod and the Mods! You never have to download and install a setup File again

– Load And Save Function. For you favorite mod compostion, you can also share it with your friends

– Easy Clean Button.


Whats New 2.1.2 ?

– Fix: some TabStops for Admin settings
– Fix: Admin can set options for “Optional” Mods.
– Fix: GeeMod jump back to startscreen by pressing “Install”
– Fix: GeeMod does not refresh the Modlist after Loading Config…
– Fix: ADMIN Mod Updates fails by Mods with STATIC Options (Option2)
– Fix: Mods will not deleted correctly if STATIC Options (Option 2) used.
– Fix: GeeMod “Save Config” doesnt save GeeMod-Mod options.
– Fix: Scrolling Bug by enable a mod in a Single Cats
– Fix: Save Last Config did not save everytime
– Add: XVM universal options (Server admin can create XVM Options)
– Add: Multi Language support
– Add: Python upload function for users.
– Change the Main Caption for GeeMod Server
– If a Option not selected, GeeMod show the Name of Option
– GeeMod will close, if you start World of Tanks
– GeeMod show the option “Download all Pictures” in case of missing text too


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