Solo’s ModPack Installer Solo’s ModPack Installer

11 thoughts on “ Solo’s ModPack Installer

  1. This mod pack gives me virus alerts and often alt tabs, attempting to save some file named “This computer is BLOCKED”

  2. Whoever put virus in this mod pack is an incompetent piece of shit, btw. Windows defender takes care of it but you often get alt tabbed with the program trying to access files named “This is a virus your computer is blocked”

    1. The only incompetent piece of shit here is YOU.
      The download link is DIRECTLY form solo web page: https://soloviyko.com/download/15679/
      And using win defender as your ONLY “antivirus” ?
      You gotta be shitting me…
      So, next time clean your PC from all that porn and THINK before you posts comments. This ain’t general chat.

    1. He is one guy. And this probably is not his only job. And trust me, updating mods is a HUGE pain in the ass. Especially when WG prints micro updates like it’s toilette paper 🙁

    2. I don’t like this either, but i found solo’s modpack very user friendly and it has the essentials, you cant go wrong with this one (:

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