Observer By Stealthz * Observer By Stealthz

Active until: 01.06.22.

– displays a icon when someone is spectating you

– displays number of people spectating you

– essential mod if you DON’T want a replay with your game play to be sent to WG

12 thoughts on “ Observer By Stealthz *

  1. Dam, what a good mod. I had no idea how many players watch me; its like almost every game. Wish the icon was smaller to not clutter the screen as its on a lot.

    1. You can change the .dds icon files to what ever you want: \res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods\observer\objects\Observer\
      Personally, I need a bigger icon because in the heat of the battle I need to be fully aware of spectators. (I simply play 200% suspicious with mods)

    2. Didnt test this mod but there is a size option for icon in config. It say’s 220 maybe you change it to 100 😉

      image -> size

    1. New version is using packaged mods, you need to uninstall old version (delete Observer files inside: ХХХ:\World_of_Tanks_XX\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods) and then install new, in order all to work normally…

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