_No_12_ Twitch Chanel – Unicum and noob, all in one !

Did you ever wondered is it possible to be unicum and noob, all in one player?
YES, it is! 🙂

Come and check my World of Tanks Twitch channel. You will find a lot of awesome battles, tank reviews, and tactics.
I can promise good fun in a cozy environment! Watch, participate, have fun!
I am streaming every day, 2 times per day, in total more than 6 hours a day.
Every day I play in a platoon with followers, all you have to do is send me in game message. And also, I encourage active chat.
You are stuck with some tank missions that can be completed in a platoon, don’t worry, I will help!
Or maybe you just want to see some tank on the battlefield? No problem! Followers can request tanks to be played!

If you are interested in my stats, HERE it is!
Like I said, right? Unicum and noob, all in one! 🙂


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