1.0 Texture Compression By Kir_Vik (6%, 50%)


This will make your game fly even on a toaster but it also make the game unstable.
This should be done ONLY on a SD client.
You are using this on your own risk !!!

1.0 Texture Compression By Kir_Vik (6%, 50%)

Since the new 1..0.0 patch the way to compress textures has changed a little. It’s much easier now.

1. Download the package that you want (there are several options, classic 6% or 50% compression and “optimized”, those ate mix textures. In other words, some textures in that pack are more some less compress to minimize visual distortion).

2. If you are using classical 6% or 50% textures just copy the unpacked content of the folder to your WoT folder:

2.5 Same procedure if you want [1.0.0]_SD_Optimized(v;0.6_test):

3. There also a self extracting .exe option ([1.0.0]_SD_Optimized(v_0_7).exe), just click on it and give the correct patch to main WoT folder:

4. In the downloaded file there is a .exe file calledĀ config-tuner_setup.exe. This is utility made by WG to fine tune you graphical setting. Try it out.

That’s it.

Happy hunting and see you on the battlefield…

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