Python Cleaner By Stealthz Python Cleaner By Stealthz

Since patch 1.3 WG stopped turning in/out Python log calls.
Python log has become miles long because of this.
All sort of garbage reports is filling python log.

Component: ‘BoundingBoxGUIComponent’
2019-12-20 21:00:31.568: INFO: [Scaleform] Destroy GUI Component: ‘BoundingBoxGUIComponent’
2019-12-20 21:00:31.568: INFO: [Scaleform] Destroy GUI Component: ‘BoundingBoxGUIComponent’

– added the removal of NOTE and WARNING entries in python.log with the assistance of Ekspoint

– Mod allows you to view python log like it was before.
– Removes unnecessary calls and warnings.

– Create GUI, Destroy GUI, Change owner GUI.
– Shows only errors.
– Works on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the game.
– As a result, we get the usual log as it was before.

5 thoughts on “ Python Cleaner By Stealthz

    1. No, since AVS has nothing to do with python.
      (it will write to python ONLY when you enable that option inside AVSmods panel)

  1. αυτό το mod που χρησιμεύει δεν εχω καταλάβει.. ειναι παράνομο??

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